The “Quaderni del Circolo Rosselli”

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“Quaderni Circolo Rosselli”

The Quaderni del Circolo Rosselli, QCR, are a quarterly review directed by Valdo Spini, which publish the proceedings of the conferences, events, and symposia of the Circolo Culturale Fratelli Rosselli and the Fondazione Circolo Rosselli and makes them available to the friends of the Fondazione and to the public.

The QCR, currently edited by Alinea in Florence, began publication in 1981 and has reached its 113th edition.

The QCR cover the political and cultural tradition of the Rosselli brothers, institutional issues,  political reform, and economic, social, and cultural problems. The editors dedicate a large space to scientific research, the environment, school and university issues, and to European foreign policy. Scholars, politicians, international experts, representatives of institutions and of society have all participated in the initiatives of the Circolo Rosselli. Giovanni Falcone also held a conference for the Circolo, the actions of which were published in the magazine.

Today the QCR has a meeting space, open to youth and culture, to promote the meeting, the participation, and the exchange between the Fondazione and the city. A place in which people will find new food for thought, authors, and texts that the magazine will cover in the next few years.


Meeting space: Via Alfani 101 r, 50121 Firenze—055.265.8192


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