Carlo and Nello Rosselli

In 1920 a group of young people in Florence, including the brothers Carlo and Nello Rosselli, Ernesto Rossi and Piero Calamandrei, inspired by the teachings of their history professor, Gaetano Salvemini, formed the Circolo di Cultura, dedicated to open and democratic debate in culture and politics. After the assassination of the leader of the Socialist […]

English Speaking Here – New italian president Mattarella

President Sergio Mattarella by Rae Staben Italy elected a new president, Sergio Mattarella, on January 31.  Mattarella was a Constitutional Court justice.  Though the election required four rounds of voting, Mattarella’s election went more smoothly than expected given Italy’s past presidential elections.  For instance, the Italian Parliament could not successfully elect a new president to […]

Fondazione Circolo Fratelli Rosselli- History and Program Guidelines

 English version – a cura di Blake Montgomery   The History The President of the republic decreed that the Fondazione Circolo Rosselli by legally recognized with an office in Florence, in July 1990, with the motivation that “the aforementioned foundation proposes, principally, to promote, sustain, and facilitate the activities and all the initiatives of the […]